Be it with friends, ideas or even dots, Claire Khodara and Madeleine Fawcett have always had a natural knack for making connections. But it wasn’t until the two met at their childrens’ preschool in Brooklyn Heights in 2019 that these two connecters made that connection. Between their vast network of friends, contacts, and various brands they’ve built relationships with over their respective 15+ years of building their own businesses, they decided to connect the dots.

Both women realized that so many of their connections were creating interesting, provocative and effective content without proper recognition or compensation. Brands were begging for content but unable to connect with these micro-influencers expediently and directly.

Thus, La Famille was born. A non-exclusive influencer and brand partnership agency where the goal is to create thoughtful, authentic and impactful campaigns. La Famille connects micro-influencers to a vast array of brands to support the simultaneous growth and success of each party and enact meaningful change through the support of non-profit organizations via these partnerships. La Famille’s boldness to change is only matched by Claire & Madeleine’s passion and humility in its pursuit.